Maybe Kanye Is On To Something…

There's something to be said about a person who knows their worth. Even the humblest of the humbles have that invigorating, if fleeting, moment of supreme revelation where they recognize that in this moment, if not in all of life, "I'm the sh*t!" It happens. One day you're feeling a little out of place, far … Continue reading Maybe Kanye Is On To Something…


5 Reasons Why I Will Always Watch The BET Awards

Of course I was tuned into the BET Awards last night, iPhone in hand, tweeting, reading, and retweeting. I saw everything except whatever came between Ciara's enticing routine (in which she channeled her inner Aaliyonce) and Janelle Monae's jubilous performance (I thought the show was over after Ciara, so I ran to shower and wash … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why I Will Always Watch The BET Awards

I Want to LIVE

I woke up this morning thinking about my friends' grandfather who passed away 2 days ago. He was in his nineties and had lived a long, fruitful life. He was witty, wise, and a man who loved to work outdoors. He taught us kids on the block about everything nature. I remember reading the sticker … Continue reading I Want to LIVE